Floris Kummer received an offer to continue as a PhD student in the group of Silvia […]
Ph.D. candidate Eva Laplace still has to finish her Ph.D. thesis (on how stars stripped in […]
Starting January 1st, we are starting in Garching near Munich at the Max Planck Institute for […]
Can you name a female nuclear (Astro)physicist? Everyone has heard about Marie Curie. But do you […]
We seek people to join the new stellar department, led by Selma de Mink, at the Max […]
Eva Laplace (final year PhD student at University of Amsterdam ) has been awarded the KNMW/ET […]
Group member Prof. Stephen Justham coauthored this new textbook on what is without question the least […]
Stars are cosmic factories that produce most elements heavier than helium in their deep interiors through […]
The theory of (single) stellar evolution predicts that stars can end their lives as Black holes, […]
Group member Tom Wagg has been awarded the Leo Goldberg prize by the Harvard Astronomy Department […]