Blue super giants are stars that are too bright and too big. Stellar models predict that […]
This Hubble Space Telescope Treasury program is imaging 50 nearby galaxies in full color resolving many […]
Growing evidence for the existence of very massive stars (up to 500 Solar Masses) motivated the […]
I am heading to Amsterdam as a University Lecturer and MacGillabry Fellow to start a new […]
Welcome to all new group members of the BinCosmos project group. If you are interested in […]
Just spent a night at Mount Palomar Observatory at the 200 inch (5.1 meter) telescope.  Quite […]
Incidence of mergers and other products among a typical population of massive stars. A merger between […]
Seventy percent of all O-stars is expected to interact with a binary companion during it’s life. […]
Today the first data of my very first own Hubble proposal is coming in. I feel […]
The most massive stars end are believed to end their lives as Wolf-Rayet stars, very hot […]