Can you name a female nuclear (Astro)physicist? Everyone has heard about Marie Curie. But do you know others? Lise Meitner of course, maybe Margaret Burbidge (who sadly passed away recently), … how far do you get?

This calendar celebrates 12 pioneering heroes who contributed foundational work to the field, names we should all know. Download a pdf version to print in one of the 24 (!) different languages through the link below.

Preparing this was eye-opening. As lead author Maria Lugaro (Konkoly Observatory) stated at a recent meeting: “I worked in this since ’95 and I only realized G. R. Caughlin was a woman in 2016”. And I shamefully admit that this was true for me for several of the names included.

This came together with the contributions of many of our amazing colleagues and was an initiative of the CheTech collaboration.


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