What fraction of the slow dusty wind of an AGB star can be captured by a binary companion?  According to smooth particle hydro simulations by Mohammed, quite a bit more than is typically accounted for in binary evolutionary models.  Especially if the companion is located closer than the location where dust is formed and the wind is accelerated.   In this paper, lead by Abate, explores the consequences for the population of metal poor halo stars.  The number of stars that accreted carbon from the wind of their companion is found to be a factor 1.2-1.8 higher than in simulations that do not account for this effect.

This paper  “Wind Roche-lobe overflow: Application to carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars” by Abate, Pols, Izzard, Mohammed & de Mink has just been accepted for publication in A&A. A preprint can be found here:  http://arxiv.org/abs/1302.4441



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