Gravitational-wave (GW) detections are now starting to probe the mass distribution of stellar-mass black holes (BHs). […]
Former Ph.D. student Ylva Götberg (now Nashman theory fellow at Carnegie observatories) estimated the relative contribution […]
From Birth to Chirp – Astrophysics of Massive Stars as Gravitational Wave Progenitors. Abstract: How did […]
Time for an update with all new faces of our cross Atlantic group. In (crimson) red […]
Ylva Götberg’s third thesis paper has accepted for publication A&A. In this paper, we present predictions […]
August 1, 2019, I started at Harvard University. I keep being affiliated with the University of […]
Manos Zapartas is a very recent BinCosmos PhD graduate, who only left our group a few […]
Group member Athira Menon, postdoc in the BinCosmos group, won the Dutch final of FameLab on […]
De Mink is one of the ten new members of the Dutch National Young academy of […]