Jobs !!

I am seeking strong and very motivated candidates to join our group. Positions will open regularly at the PhD or postdoc level. We also have space for student that have their own funding but that are interested in doing their MSc or BSc thesis.

I especially encourage you to apply for one of the  postdoctoral prize fellowship that you can take to Amsterdam.  Contact me if you are interested and wish to interact or be part of my group. I can help you with the application process.

  • VENI postdoctoral prize fellowship [Deadline early January]:  3 years of salary, generous money for traveling and computing resources, awarded by the Dutch Science Agency: NWO., need to have a PhD diploma. Up to 3 years after your PhD
  • Marie Curie Fellowship [Deadline early September]:: awarded by the EU. Warning applications is about 20 pages! Two years of salary, generous money for traveling and computing resources
  • Marie Curie Reintegration [Deadline early September]:: similar to above but for people originating from EU countries that wish to return.

The Astronomy Institute in Amsterdam is a very international, dynamic with several strong observational and theoretical groups (links to staff and research). The primary language spoken in the institute is English. Dutch courses are available, but you will have no problem finding your way around the city in English.

Veni Fellowships

This prize fellowship is a competitive and prestigious fellowship funded by the Dutch organization for sciences (NWO) . You can apply if you recently obtained a PhD, within the last three years.  The fellowship covers your salary for three years including the (very good) Dutch benefits, as well as generous money for travel and computers etc.. Additional travel money can be easily obtained through a Dutch private funding system. The fellowship is competitive (about 1000 applications for 150 grants among all sciences), but astronomers typically score pretty well.

The fellowship give you the freedom to conduct your own research program.  Innovative projects that allow you to expand and grow your potential as a young scientist are being valued best. In several cases fellows manage continue on the more senior fellowship afterwards (VIDI, aimed at people with 3-8 years after their PhD) which allows you to build your own research group.

If you consider applying in Amsterdam and have some overlapping of complementary interests with me, I would be very happy to help you navigate through the application process and, if you want, help you to strengthen your research proposal.


  • For astronomy you have to apply in the “EW Scheme”.  It stands for “Exacte Wetenschappen”.