Rain of poster prizes for BinCosmos group members at the 70th Dutch Astronomy conference 2015. Ylva […]
If you were too late to see the light flash of a supernovae, you may still […]
Data of Westerlund 2 were obtained from the HST proposal 13038: A. Nota (ESA/STScI), E. Sabbi […]
Fabian Schneider (former PhD student in Bonn, now postdoctoral fellow in Oxford) simulated the evolution of […]
The bright star VFTS 399 turned out to be more interesting than its not-so-catchy name suggests. […]
Evans et al. investigated the nearly 300  B-type stars in the Tarantula nebula measuring their velocities […]
Very good news, the European Commission decided to support part of our research for the next […]
Massive stars are instrumental to many areas of astrophysics, both in the local universe and at […]