Academic CV and publications list


Research Positions

  • McGillavry Assistant Professor & Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Amsterdam (Oct 2014 – Present)
  • Einstein / Lyman Spitzer fellow at Carnegie Observatories and Visiting Scientist at Caltech (August 2013 – September 2014)
  • Hubble fellow at NASA’s Space Science Telescope Institute and the  Visiting Scientist Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (November 2010 -July 2013)
  • Argelander fellow at Bonn University, Germany  (June 2010- November 2010)
  • Postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University, The Netherlands (April-June 2010)
  • PhD student at Utrecht University, The Netherlands (2006- 2010)
  • Intern at the Dutch Open Telescope, La Palma, Spain (October 2004), under supervision of prof. dr. R. Rutten
  • Trainee at Instituto d’Astrofisica de Canarias, Tenerife, Spain (June-September 2004), under supervision of dr. M. Balcells


  • Ph. D.,  Astrophysics, Utrecht University (April 2010, cum laude)
  • MSc. in Astrophysics, Utrecht University (August 2005 cum laude)
  • BSc. in Physics, Utrecht University (August 2005, cum laude)
  • BSc. in Applied Mathematics, Utrecht University (August 2005, cum laude)

Fellowships, Awards

  • 2015: Top Grant, awarded by Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
  • 2015: Marie Curie Fellowship, awarded by European Commision
  • 2014: MacGillavry Fellowship, awarded by University of Amsterdam
  • 2013: Einstein Fellowship, awarded by NASA
  • 2013: Lyman Spitzer Prize Fellowship, awarded by Princeton University
  • 2010: Hubble fellowship, awarded by NASA

Grants (incomplete)

  • 2015 as Principle Investigator Marie Curie Reintegration grant awarded by the European Research Council.
  • 2014 as CO-I (PI Elena Sabbi): “A 3D view of massive cluster formation in the SMC”, 5 orbits
  • 2014: as CO-I (PI Hugues Sana) ““UV spectroscopy of the most massive overcontact binary known to date: on the verge of coalescence ?”, 8 orbits
  • 2014: as CO-I (PI: Massimo Roberto) “The Orion Nebula Cluster as a Paradigm of Star Formation”, 52 orbits
  • 2013: as Principle Investigator HST GO 13446 Massive Stars and their Siblings: the Extreme End of the Companion Mass Function
  • 2013 : as Principle Investigator HST GO 13447 The massive monsters living deep in the Tarantula nebula: How massive are they really?
  • 2013 : as CO-I (PI D. Calzetti), LEGUS: Legacy ExtraGalactic UV Survey
  • 2013 : as CO-I (PI N. Smith) A Time-Lapse Movie of the Kinematics Across the Carina Nebula with ACS
  • 2012  Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO vrije competitie), as Co-I, PI: O.R. Pols, Formation of multiple stellar populations in star clusters
  • 2012: HST GO12939, as Co-I, PI” E. Sabbi, HTTP: Hubble Tarantula Treasury Project
  • 2012: HST GO13038, a s Co-I, PI: A. Nota, Westerlund 2, top to bottom: how massive star clusters form
  • 2012: HST GO12915, as Co-I, PI: D. Lennon, Proper Motions of Massive Stars near the Galactic Center
  • 2012: HST GO12011, as Co-I, PI: T. Puzia, Searching for prolonged star cluster formation in H alpha
  • 2011: HST GO12499 as Co-I, PI: D. Lennon, Proper Motions of Massive Stars in 30 Doradus
  • 2011 HST GO12472, as Co-I, PI: C. Leitherer, CCC:  The Cosmic Carbon Conundrum
  • 2011: HST AR12642, as Co-I, PI: V. Kozhurina­Platais & A. Dotter, Multiple populations in stellar clusters
  • 2011: HST GO12465, as Co-I, PI: P. Crowther, admin-PI: N. Walborn, A Massive Star Census of the Starburst Cluster R136


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